God’s Design/Missionary Update/ Liberia, West Africa/

GOD’S WORD® Translation Hiram set up the pillars in the temple’s entrance hall. He set up the pillar on the right and named it Jachin [He Establishes]. Then he set up the pillar on the left and named it Boaz [In Him Is Strength].                   (1Kings 7:21)

This is an amazing journey of  establishing a Computer school to support the ministry. I can see God’s handiwork and design to ensure the foundation of the school is strong and established. Let me explain.

The first class of Introduction to Computers was comprised of recent high school grads who were needing career guidance. At the time I was only using Diigo for course management.

Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember! from diigobuzz on Vimeo. Awesome cloud-based information management tool that enables users to collect, highlight, access and share a variety of information, on a variety of devices.

Weekly students class time consist of learning required lesson, viewing videos about some of the latest trends in technology and typing. This video promotes the successes of online education in developing countries.

However, to tailor the session for this class I added videos about careers in Neuroscience, Computer Programming and Computer Science. We watched videos by African youth on TedTalks who accomplished against the odds. Below is one such example. The people said he was going insane simply because he was operating outside the cultural norms to improve his lot in life. He leaves encouraging words for other African youth.

(On my wish list is career placement software.)

The next class consisted of professional men who were looking to become computer literate and needed information on how to promote themselves. They were already on Facebook and were assisted in creating LinkedIn accounts, joined a few industry related groups and viewed videos about how to use social media in promoting your business. Both groups have re-registered and are now enrolled in our Microsoft Word and Excel courses.

The current class of students are all 6-8 grade students. 8 students meet every Mon, Tues, and Thursday for Introduction to Computers. IMG_5242

To tailor the class to meet their needs we have incorporated BlackBoard for our course management and added giving the students tools needed to use the internet for homework help such as math and science. We also discuss career choices along with the regular course materials.

All students in all courses now use BlackBoard. All students weekly tests are given online via BlackBoard

Only He could arrange the student population in this manner. I believe the idea was to give me a chance to lay the foundation of tailoring a class per the student population. It’s a lot of work but very rewarding. I believe that it can and will be able to sustain the ministry once established.

We are looking for interns to teach: Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Office, Introduction to Computer Programming, and Introduction to Web Design. Class duration 3 months per course. Office is divided into two courses. Word & Excel and PowerPoint and Publisher. Classes are taught year round. Email for application. 

Special thank you to all who participated in our fundraiser to register the school with the Liberian government. This is still in progress and will inform you when the process is complete.

His Grace,
Sis Hattie