Community Advocate Joins Literacy Class/Missionary Field Report/Liberia, West Africa

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”
Mathew 5:14

Weade and Sarah
Weade and Sarah

Weade Julius is 47 years of age, married with seven sons and her last born is a girl. She is the Whein Town Community Advocate. Her responsibilities include assisting residents when there is trouble in the home providing counseling and bringing in community elders if and when necessary, assisting residents when there are problems or issues with the law and liaison between the Representative for the District and the community. Weade attended school up to the sixth grade. We tested her reading level using the Bader test. Her reading level is preprimary.

She joined our class in February of 2014. She is doing well. She says that she believes she will be a better asset to the community when she can read and write well.

Welcome Weade! We will do our part to equip you in every way.

Pray with us and for us.

His Grace,
Sis Hattie