Word on the Street/Missionary Field Report/Liberia


“Be exalted above the heavens, O God; Let your glory be above all the earth.” Psalm 57:11

The word of the work of the Lord thru Silvanus is spreading throughout Whein Town. The students are pleased with the class structure, format and method and excited about learning. Often, during class a student will giggle with glee to have understood or learned a concept in reading. Women and men are coming or sending inquires about attending our now at capacity class of 10 students 1 teacher 1 assistant.

The bible lessons are equally rich with our student Pastor David Williams excited about the clarity and ease of understanding the passages presented, which contain words from the reading lesson, for life application. The students say I am preaching/teaching it.

Can you imagine what it is like to not know how to read all of your life? Our students range in age from 19 to 57. The potential students that knock on our doors are nearly begging to be allowed to begin our classes.

“Ma, it can worry me not knowing how to read. All that you are writing in taking my name and all, I don’t know nothing you are writing. All day, I am selling in the market no way to attend regular school. People cheat me, I am just looking up to God. You say that when God blesses you to hire another teacher, you will start another class? I will be checking Ma, I never went to school. I am 35 years old. I will be stopping by checking. Ok, Ma?

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