Our Faithful God….Promises Being Fulfilled/Missionary Field Report/ Liberia, West Africa

On July 26, 2013, I celebrated the Liberian Independence day in the village of Feetuah. This is the place that I began my missionary vocation in Liberia with the now defunct, Missions for Rural Africa. Feetuah is located in District 3b, Grand Bassa County, Liberia.

From 2000 to 2002, I served as the Assistant to the National Director, Rev. Paul Gbadyu.

Missionary Hattie Carlis & Rev. Paul Gbadyu
Rev. Paul G. Gbadyu and teachers of DZC and Feetuah villages
My home in Feetuah 2000-2002
Feetuah school 1998-2013
School grounds now levelled for World Bank project to build the village a new school!
Residents of Feetuah benefit immediately by selling sand and making bricks to to the World Bank to build the school.

The new school being built by the World Bank will be from grades K-9. The former school provided classes up to the 6th grade. The new school will also include a computer lab!!

The Elders and Town Chief have requested that Silvanus write a proposal to the World Bank to train the teachers to use the computers. Oh course we will (Lord willing) and go one step further, teach the teachers to use the computers with their curriculum.

We are so excited! The leaders of the village stated that they have already submitted an oral request to the World Bank to pay their former missionary to train the teachers on the computers. The reply was “Well, where is she?”

Pray with us. Every service Silvanus provides has an opportunity within for the sharing of the gospel and discipleship. We are not a humanitarian organization. We attempt to meet the perceived needs of the people as a vehicle to introduce the gospel message of Jesus Christ, formally and informally.


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Bethel Cathedral of Hope                                   Courage M. Borbor

Pastor Frank Alexander                                      Nancy M. Godfrey

Pastor. M. Wolo Belleh                                        Jairus N. Jargba II

Pastor Jallah McGee                                             Tracy F. Wolobah

Pastor Dro Gervais                                              Min. Michael M. Alladin


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