Missionary Field Report: Equipping One Generation for the Next: Update/Liberia, West Africa

We are “Equipping One Generation for the Next.”

Image going to school from kindergarten thru undergrad never opening a textbook in the classroom. Yet, for 90% of Liberian students this is the case. A select few teachers in the system will make pamphlets of the textbooks they want to make reference to.

We want to assist students in the educational efforts by providing access to textbooks and internet service for research and homework assignments.

We have worked intimately and very successfully with Liberian sudents over the last three years. This is an expansion using the skills we have acquired.

In Phase I, we acquired a larger facility and began preparing for the next phase of the campaign. We extend special thanks and gratitude for your sacrificial gifts of love and prayers towards this effort.

Now, we begin Phase II, building our foundation by purchasing additional books, book shelves, tables, chairs, etc.

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