As We Step: Blessings of Double Portion/Missionary Field Report/ Liberia West Afica

“Instead of your shame you shall have double honor, and instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double; everlasting joy shall be theirs… Their descendants shall be known among the Gentiles, and their offspring among the people. All who see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the posterity whom the LORD has blessed.” (Isaiah 61:7, 9 NKJV)

God has manifested several double portions in the month of January 2013. Silvanus has recently secured a duplex, one side for the ministry programs, the other side living accommodations for the custodian of the place. Silvanus will operate two programs in the Bernards Farm community a Study Hall and Adult Literacy Class.

left side of duplex
left side of duplex
right side

Part of our vision is to have a place where the community can be serviced, “Silvanus House.”

Main Hall
Main Hall

The Study Hall will be a place for young people grades 2 thru university to research and do their assignments. The Main Hall (pictured below) will carry bookcases on both sides of the wall with books on various topics. The center of the room will be 6ft tables and chairs for seating.

At the entrance to the room will be a check-in desk and a printer. In the far front corner of the room will be 2 desk top computers with internet service for research only.

The remaining rooms will be the literacy class and the office (pictured in this blog).

Currently there is nothing like this existing in this nation. Liberian students at every academic level do not carry textbooks to school. But rather are charged for copies of chapters of books by teachers and academic institutions. Students therefore will borrow a text book from a friend who may be fortunate enough to own one. Sorry to say, but true, usually one student will find a way to complete an assignment and will charge their classmates for a copy. This is an accepted practice.

However, all students are not able to do this or even necessarily want to use someone else’s paper. This promotes sex pay or cash for grades. The students actually want to learn. One guy has a small kiosk on the road, no tables, no chairs. He has a few text books. Students of all academic levels pay $2US use a textbook and stand or squat on the floor to do their homework assignment.

We ask you to help us to “Build and Plant A Hope for the Future” in the West African nation of Liberia.

We have paid $600US for six months lease to secure the place. We are currently seeking $3000 US for 6 additional months lease payment, 4 iron security doors,window covers, paint and barbed wire.

Our remaining start-up budget costs is $12,000. This covers expenses of:

  • salary for 5 persons
  • training 60 persons to teach literacy
  • teach residents of the community to read and write
  • assisting a minimum 50 Liberian students to learn to search the web
  • be comfortable with using a computer
  • do their homework assignments
  • look up words in a dictionary
  • use the index and table of contents of a book
  • be responsible students.
Literacy Class Room
Literacy Class Room
office space
office space

There are three ways you can make a financial donation.
1. Paypal (just use link below, PayPal account not necessary)

2. If you a customer of Chase Bank use Chase QuickPay send to email address

3. Mail check or money order to: Silvanus International Ministries, Inc c/o Oasis of Hope Baptist Church 1701 East 25th Street, ATTN: Carolyn Swanigan Indianapolis, Indiana, 46218.

There are three ways you can give added resources;

1. Volunteer you time here in Liberia (anytime between March-Dec. 2013) assisting us with setting the place up. We need literacy trainers, educators to train the students for orientation, someone with knowledge about growing lemongrass for export.

2. Work right from home using your computer. We need a volunteer bookkeeper, accountant, search for free online educational literacy, math, geography software for adult learners compile and create a vehicle by which we can access it from here.

3. Pray, Pray and Pray for all aspects of the program as the Lord leads.

His Grace,

Sis Hattie