Rizpah:A Woman Mourns (Intercessory Prayer) and Saves A Nation: Missionary Field Report/Liberia West Africa

Rizpah protects the bodies of her kinsmen, crucified by the Gibeonites.

On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen; All day and all night they will never keep silent. You who remind the Lord, take no rest for yourselves; And give Him no rest until He establishes And makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.
Isaiah 62:6-7

Entering into 2013, many of us set-aside January to comp-template the Lords will for our lives for the year in prayer and fasting. It is a wise and sobering decision, for who knows the future better than He who controls it.

Rizpah is a woman who persevered, travailed, prevailed until her request was granted. She cried out to the Lord in a way that….. literally leaves you speechless. Rizpah’s two sons along with their male relatives, were hung for  her husband Saul’s sins.

Read the entire story in 2 Samuel 21:. Rizpah desired to have her sons buried properly so she scripture says  “ Rizpah daughter of Aiah took sackcloth and spread it out for herself on a rock. From the beginning of the harvest till the rain poured down from the heavens on the bodies, she did not let the birds touch them by day or the wild animals by night.”

The picture above illustrates what Rizpah did for six months! Can you even possibly imagine?! How was she able to get food, eat, bathe? For six months she fought off the vultures, dogs, insects and Lord knows what else until her request before God was granted!! How many of us have this type of perseverance, determination, dedication in our prayer life? Apparently Rizpah had faith to believe that God would answer her.

Rizpah was an intercessor for the honor of her sons and her family. She accepted their death but let there be honor in it. Are we able to sacrifice ourselves like this for our family members in prayer, interceding, fighting the adversary for them, requesting justice from our God who loves justice, willing to wait until He hears our cry? Is our faith strong enough, real enough, pure enough to even consider such an endeavor?

Please take a moment and read the story! Rizpah’s actions caused David and all the people of Israel to fulfill their duty of honoring the dead. Rizpah’s behavior during the episode of the Gibeonites was highly praised by the Rabbis. Although two of her sons died, she accepted this, and took care that their corpses not be despoiled. Her actions were considered worthy of emulation and even King David learned from her. In consequence of her deeds, Rizpah saved all Israel from the famine.

January is nearly over and may of us are about to give up our hopes and dreams that the Lord will accept our fasting and prayers and speak to us. Remember Ritzpah, endure the allotted time you had originally set-aside to hear from God. The adversary will try to deceive you, distract you, and disturb your fast. Don’t allow him, don’t listen to him, stand on God’s promises! Remember Rizpah!!

His Grace,

Sis Hattie


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