Networking With Public & Private Sectors: Missionary Field Report: Liberia, West Africa: September 16, 2012

“Ponder the path of your feet” Proverbs 4:6

Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to visit the officers of government and the private sector to discuss “Using Technology in Education” for the Liberia schools.

First off, was an appointment with the Minister of Education Etmonia David Tarpeh. Her initial reaction to the “Using Education in Technology in Education” was: Yes! I like it. The follow-up appointment is this week. Pray for this effort.

A number of the public and private schools in Liberia have computer labs. The Minister of Education has a consultant who is working on his doctorates to provide a curriculum for computers in the Liberian schools. The current curriculum being used and circulated from school to school teaches: Computer components, history of computers, how to make a folder on the desk top, coloring in Paint, using Word Pad. With a few schools having slight variations to this, this is basically what the Liberian children are learning with thousands of thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Next, was an appointment with Firestone’s Accelerated Learning Program and the Kindergarten Principal. Both offices were excited and just flabbergasted at the educational software. Immediately they attempted to get the Firestone Head Education officer to join us and view my package. After a brief interval he informed us he was not available at the time. The ladies expressed to me a desire to have the training and will seek an opportunity for my return to present the package to those who have the final say so.

Firestone currently has two computer labs, one in the high school and in the kindergarten area. The kindergarten principal confirmed that Firestone is also using the popular curriculum of the computer teachers.

Currently, I am placing the entire course on Blackboard. Because of your financial support I was able to buy a faster more reliable network connection for $80 (American dollars) for 3G of data transfer. Providing the course on Blackboard will start the educators who may be a little fearful of computers to befriend it from the onset. 🙂 As well as, bring them into the 21st century.

Using Blackboard will open up the opportunity to expand the training beyond the Liberian borders. It will also allow me offer additional follow-up courses.

The goal here is to earn and raise necessary funds to support the ministry as it progresses to use the performing arts as an evangelistic and discipleship tool.

His Grace,

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