It’s Hard To Say Goodbye: Missionary Field Report: June 24, 2012, Liberia, West Africa

“The Lord shall reign forever and ever” Exodus 15:18

This verse is the last stanza of the song Moses and Israel sang to the Lord after crossing the Red Sea. So when you read it, don’t, sing it.

This last week the children and I are going “3, 3”, to the internet cafe. This means I am taking three children at a time to the Cafe. The objective is: to allow each child the experience of being in the Cafe, verify that each child knows how to access email at the Cafe, verify that each child understands and knows how to access their Diigo accounts. The Diigo accounts can be used for the remainder of their academic life. It is an excellent program for research, maintaining files, etc,. If you sign in to Diigo you can find us at “Young Scholars, after school program in Liberia” to see what we have stored in our account.

Saturday June 23, 2012 we take our last field trip to Wuki Farms. The parents are invited this year. We are doing our closing program there (see earlier blog for details). Please pray with us for no rain that day as we are in the raining season and it has been raining cats and dogs!

I started packing last week. I think it will make it easier for all of us to stomach, if we see the packed boxes gradually. The Silvanus House is literally the hub of the community for the children. all day they are in and out, out and in. “Sis Hattie I want to drink,” “Sis Hattie Bill cuss me, he told me to I was stupid,” “Here is your plum Sis Hattie,” Sis Hattie, what’s the capital of China, Junior said it is Hong Kong?” “Sis Hattie, are you going to start a new study class when you move?” “Sis Hattie, you make the community alive, now it will be dry around here.” It’s like this all day every day.

Pray for the children. Pray that the seeds of innovation, creativity, integrity, and discipline to study takes root and grows in each life. Pray that the seeds of daily practice of reading and studying the bible for life application takes hold to their spirits. Pray that another quality after school program is birthed in the community is able to do even more than we did.

I talked to the Minister of Education yesterday at a prayer breakfast about training the Liberian teachers to use the internet with and in their teaching. She is very interested and reminded me before she left the breakfast to come to her office, open door invitation.

Please view our pictures on Facebook. We have had a full year. It’s hard to say goodbye. I am sure they will find a way to visit me in my new place and I will stay in touch with them as well.

We are very excited about our next assignment. It is actually a very long time passion and desire. Now is the time. Silvanus International Ministries Inc. will own property, build a theatre and minister to the university students in the immediate, the nation in general, according to God’s divine will.

Pray with us.

To God Be The Glory!
Sis Hattie

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