Prom Time/Shifting Gears: Missionary Field Report Liberia, West Africa

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“Speaking to one another in psalms and spiritual songs singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord” Ephesians 5:19

Senior Junior Prom Day begins
(Senior Junior Prom day begins)

It’s Senior/Junior Prom time in Liberia. My neighbors have a daughter who is a Senior at Canterbury Presbyterian school. Her class opted out of the formal prom and decided to party from 3pm to 12pm at the house. What a night it was! Our house windows don’t have glass, just screen. I felt like I was inside the speakers. If I had glass windows they probably would have broken. The teachers from the school were on board to assist the parents with the festivities. Problem was the boys starting arguing (probably over a girl) around 11:30pm the teachers had to cool down all parties involved and the celebration ended.

I talk about this just to show the differences and similarities between the cultures. Liberia emulates America every chance she can get. In my humble opinion, I believe this waters down the Liberian culture. Neighboring countries like Ghana and Nigeria have strong traditions that make you feel proud to be an ancestor of the African continent. Liberia reminds you of what is wrong with America. Liberia considers herself Americas’ step-child because former slaves from America settled in the country. And as with any child, she doesn’t do what we say but what we do, which is usually traits the parent wish the child would leave alone.

(Fendell Campus)

Pray with us as God is opening doors for another creative way to minister in Liberia, Performing Arts. So we shift gears, Silvanus will do dramatic plays that promote Christ and His saving grace, Christian family values, allow people to laugh and give people an insight into the Liberian culture.

Africa as a whole loves drama. She uses it to depict problems and solutions in her societies. It is inherent in the African culture used since the beginning of time in the villages to tell stories, pass down history and communicate cultural practices and beliefs. Modern day Africa also use drama in the schools, health sector and program promotions.

The Founder/President has secured living accommodations 5 miles from the University of Liberia main campus. The Universities main campus moved to the Fendell area 2 years ago. The Chinese have built a beautiful campus with dormitory. University students will occupy the dormitory for the first time 2012/2013 academic year. The Fendell area shows strong promise for development. Silvanus will get in on the ground level.

Silvanus will use contextualize and original plays for the Liberian culture building a small theater, similar to the Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis, in close proximity to the University.

We will minister to and through the college students believing to partner with the Navigators of Liberia. We have served them as a point of contact and recommended university student volunteers for their ministry.

There are currently no working live theater houses in Liberia. We are very excited about this opportunity as we watch God work.

He is already networking with a professional director. Silvanus knows someone who owns 100 acres of land near Fendell and willing to sell a small portion to us at $500 an acre.

The performances will be available on the internet for Liberians in the diaspora. Our goal is to establish the ground work and launch the ministry within a year.

“Building and Planting A Hope for the Future” Silvanus promotes adult literacy and Christian education.

Anyone interested in traveling to Liberia to help with this, you are welcome. Feel free to contact me. Also I will post volunteer opportunities at some point.

Next week: Saying Goodbye is Never Easy!

Pray with us!

Sis Hattie


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