Missionary Field Report: June 3, 2012, Liberia, West Africa

New Student, Alpha Barry, Fula Tribe, 31 yrs. old

“I will hear what the Lord will speak” Psalms 85:8

Alpha Barry is a new literacy student at Silvanus. This young man is very sharp and shows a lot of promise. Alpha’s parents live in Guinea. When Alpha was a young man on the farm his father didn’t see the necessity of enrolling his children in school. He believed his children would also be farmers. Alphas father has three wives and 6 children only the last two were allowed to go to school because of something Alpha said to his Dad.

He called him from Liberia and told him it was a mistake to not send the children to school. His Pa replied, “So you say?” “Yes, I have missed out on so many opportunities because of a lack of education.” Alpha began to state examples and soon his father agreed. The remaining children in the house were sent to school.

Meanwhile, Alpha is a street peddler selling video movies for $1.50 each. Often he tells me that people will take movies on credit to pay him later. This is the way he can guarantee himself that he will sell his movies. Alpha needs to eat at a $1 day, pay rent for a single room with community bath, $10 a month, buy clothes, and transportation around to sell his goods. Once he learns how to read he can work at his Uncle’s shop.

Alpha Barry is a Muslim.

Pray with us.

His Grace,
Sis Hattie