Weekly missionary report: From the Field: May 20, 2012

Praise His glorious name forever! Let the whole earth be filled with his glory. Amen and amen! — Psalm 72:19

Praising God for my life above all else, on May 4 and 6th the Silvanus House was burglarized twice in two days. Four young men stole two cell phones and a fully load internet stick for one months service along with my laptop and purse.The Holy Spirit awakened me both times, once as they ran from the yard and the second time while they were hanging inside my screen. As God would have it my purse with all my important documents inside were returned to me by a police officer who found it in the weeds.

I have lived here for nearly four years and this is the first time anything like this has happened.

It was a community effort having one guy arrested. One of the four culprits left his jacket another suffered a swollen wrist as did I as we wrestled over the laptop. (I lost the struggle.)

The community investigated and surfaced with a suspect, the owner of the jacket. They went to the station, escorted the officers to the guy and had him arrested. Three women, one man, of the community escorted me to the station to press charges. The women paid transportation costs and the initial court fees.

The case is now pending in criminal court . The young man arrested is the oldest brother (22 yrs. Ritchie Jabateh) of one of the Young Scholars, Sidiki Jabateh. This is a Muslim family. The family has visited me requesting that I drop the charges because they don’t want him to go to prison. The expenses the family would incur to get him out on bond is more than the family can afford.

I am not going to honor their request for a young man who has been in jail 6 times in this year alone and we are in the 5th month. My case makes the 7th charge of which he shows no remorse admits no guilt.

Pray with me concerning this family, that God will be glorified in all this. It’s been quite an experience. I praise God for another level of faith, humility, and trust  that He has taught me  in this. I praise Him for showing myself and others His presence, protection and care.

There was a lot of pressure  on me by some in the community to use  witchcraft to find out who the burglars were as well as punish them. The jacket that was left behind would have been an excellent tool for this practice. It is called sassywood. God showed the people His own sassywood by returning the purse. They were flabbergasted.

All Glory and Honor,

Sis Hattie

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  1. It is interesting that all over the world parents have a tendency to enable their children’s poor behavior. The phenomena knows no race or nationality. What is the cause?


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