From the Field: May 6, 2012

We offer the children their primary/only exposure to computers. We are "Building & Planting A Hope for their Future."

Most days we serve either a light snack or a small meal after school for the children. The children cook, more specifically, the boys cook.  Our favorite cooks are Fumba, Sidiki, and Emmanuel.  The menu is usually either fried plantain or dry rice.  Dried rice is: rice, okra, garlic, onion, bitterball, seasonings, butter/oil and sardines.

The children really appreciate being able to eat before or during study time. It makes our time together peaceful and calm. When they are hungry, quite naturally, concentration is low, arguments occur, etc.

It’s a lot happening at one time, study time, computer/arts & crafts time, eating, bible lesson, counseling and encouraging. Our days are pretty full. The children begin to arrive at 1:00 pm and the last child will leave around 6:30-7:00 pm.

We need your support. Partnering with us is just one-click away. Give your gift today. Sow that others may grow!

His Grace,

Sis Hattie


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